How To: Resecurity Envelopes

A few weeks ago I joined the ladies (and a couple gentlemen) of Indiemade at Hive4A in Allentown for their Get Crafty night. We did some printmaking, some essential oil sugar scrub making, but one of my favorites was DIY envelope making by reusing security envelopes. We joked about calling them insecurity envelopes, but this guy already way out did that idea. I feel that they have been deconstructed and "resecured", hence resecurity envelopes.

Here's how you can make them, practically for free and never buy envelopes again:

 1. Collect and save your security envelopes. You can now approach your bills with delight, knowing you will make art out of them.

2. Cut them along the side seams or carefully peel them apart.

3. Lay them flat with the patterned side up. There are so many different, intricate patterns starting you off with a great mixed media surface.

4. Collage, draw, paint on all over the patterned surface. (Be aware of how the images will change direction when the envelope is refolded and leave a space for the recipient and return addresses!)

5.Reseal the edges with glue or tape, any kind from masking to duct, or even stitch them.

ANOTHER IDEA: Use the old envelopes as a template for other recycled or specialty papers and stencil the address section with old security envelope windows.

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  1. Like the idea and all the envelopes you have shared...it look beautiful..it might help me in making Gift Card envelopes.