Make-it Monday: Matchbox Advent Calendar

While your family is gathered together in a shared turkey coma this weekend, here is a fun project to get you counting down the days til' Christmas.

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Supplies You'll Need: 25 matchboxes, number stamps, stamp pad, glue ( I love Yes! paste), scrapbook paper/wrapping paper, ribbon, and a paintbrush for glue.

1. Number your matchboxes from 1-25. I used numbered stamps. Metallic pens, stickers and collage papers work too. Use a random order to make searching for the date on your calendar challenging.

2. Form rows of matchboxes by gluing them together on their sides. I used YES paste, but hot glue will also work. Start with a row of 9 and subtract 2 from each row until you have just one on top.

4. Cut strips of paper, either Christmas wrapping or festive scrap book paper, and wrap each row. Matchboxes are just over 2 inches long, so 12"x 2 1/8" strips worked great for me. I glued the paper all around with YES paste.

5. Now stack your rows, gluing in between each row, in a pyramid shape.

6. Tie the whole pyramid with a bow.

Now that you have your calendar, fill each box with a sweet treat and you've got a fun tradition to get your family (or just your fine self)  excited for Christmas. If you want keep the reason for the season alive think about filling each box with a advent specific scripture too. Enjoy!

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