Color Therapy

We got a taste of beautiful Spring here in Bethlehem this past week. Big pink blossoming trees. Rainy days with electric green grass. Broad blue skies. It's color therapy. So I curated a treasury list for the people who maybe aren't getting color charged quite yet, and maybe..... still need to shovel out of snow.

See the full treasury on Etsy and click it up with visits

Sellers included: The Hob Knobery, Cover Table Curiosities, Regrooved, Garrett Weider, Old Familiar Way, Before The Landfill, G. Jarvis Jewelry Etc, Maureen Shields, Bee Jay Kay, Una Odd, Slippin' Southern, Ohio Picker, Il Gato Selvatico, Homemade Pop, Krukru Studio, Sunshyne Silverwear



One of my favorite exhibitions in Rochester, NY is right around the corner.The Rochester Contemporary Art Center's annual 6x6x2012 exhibition will open on June 2nd and feature thousands of works by amateurs and professionals, big names and no names, in all mediums,so long as they meet the requirements of being six inches by six inches.

Limitations encourage creativity and I never get bored by the results of this show. Multiple visits always turn up new things I missed.

This year my fiance and I decided on a collaborative piece using crayons as our medium. He works for Crayola and I'm an art teacher so exploring something different with such a familiar material was refreshing. There is an abundance of melted crayon art on canvas going around, none of it exciting to us, so we decided to use the crayons themselves as the final object.

We discovered that 18 crayons, lined up in a row measured exactly 6 inches.

We played around with some color studies on 18x18 pixel files in Photoshop. Much of our studies were inspired by an old book on color theorist, Joseph Alber's, stained glass work.

In the end we chose an overlaid composition of all of our studies.We completed the piece row by row, carefully matching (as best we could) the colors along the way.

The finished block has some nice heft to it. I sort of like it from the back and the front and the border of wrappers outlining the edges like a frame.

The total work contains 324 crayons. I want to pick it up and use it as a giant mark making tool! Check it out the 6x6x2012 exhibition June 2nd -July 16th!


Franken Pee Wee

Several years ago, I was gifted an original Pee Wee Herman doll, by a former principal. Weird, I know. Sadly he (the doll, not the principal) had lost his hand. I've considered adding a hook or a lobster claw, but when I saw a single baby hand on sale for 50 cents at Hobby Lobby, it whispered in my ear, "Buy me". Here are the strange and unfortunate results....

Prepping for the procedure.

A little plastic surgery.

Some glitter glue, rhinestones, and a googly eye.

Fresh polish ;)

A dab of E-6000.

Attaching the prosthetic.

A brand new man!