Gone Out, Back Soon...

Every year, around this time, I take a week and counsel teens at a Senior High Camp on Lake Erie. I escape everyday life; leaving behind my tv, laptop, and Etsy shop, turn off my phone, and remove any other artificial noise. Usually it's right after a long, hard school year, but with the move to PA this winter it will be interrupting my new job teaching at The Baum School of Art, just as it starts. I'll sit and listen to the lake, share stories around the fire, laugh at amazingly planned camp pranks, and eat lots of Twizzlers. I know that you don't need to know all my plans, but I hope what I am doing inspires you to unplug and heal, through heart to heart community with others and nature. I hope that, like me, you come back refreshed, better and happier at what you do, and a little freer. Until July....


A Review Of Indiemade

Last weekend was my first show in Pennsylvania. The Indiemade Craft Market was a fun show, full of good people, good live music, and good handmade items. I did a few new things during this show that I think really helped my sales.

With the help of my fiance I built color coordinated peg board displays to better show of my Match & Spool paintings.  Shoppers were able to see each individual piece easily and also in combination with other paintings. The paintings hung in a sturdier fashion, than the old boot rack I used to use. I also used coordinated/repeated colors which unified my table.

Because much of my work is made from vintage items I tried to vintage items to display them as well. The old suitcase has been done, I know, but worked well to display and carry my cocktail napkin coasters in and out of the show. Metal film reels also work as easy and attractive displays for magnets.

I also experimented with  raising the prices on all my paintings to truly reflect materials and time. I am telling you artists, don't undersell! People still bought my paintings, no questions asked. I sold slightly less paintings than usual, but made more money overall on painting sales than usual as well.

I showed off my matchbook bookmarks, by clipping them over the pages of a vintage book and creating a sort of roladex of designs. It was easier for shoppers to look at the designs, by just picking up the book and flipping through it. However, I had to do a lot of readjusting after each person was done, so maybe it's not the best display method yet.

On my to do list: Make a bigger, bolder banner and create longer table coverings. Overall it was a successful first show and I can't wait for more Indiemade's to come!


Morning After: Drink and Draw 6/12/12

After missing Drink and Draw the last 2 months, it was good to get back into it. I rarely draw anymore, unless I'm teaching, so setting up in a dark bar with a sketchpad makes me feel like a old school artiste. Hit up the next event at the Bethlehem Brew Works or, if you want nude studies go to Connexions Gallery in Easton.

20 minute portrait

15 minute pose

15 minute pose


Support Indie Makers This Saturday

This Saturday, June 9th,  join me, and loads of indie makers and shakers, at the Indiemade Craft Market. The event will be held at the Bethlehem Ice Rink on Illick's Mill Road from 10 am -5 pm. The first 50 adult visitors will receive a swag bag full of handmade items from participating vendors (I personally donated some of my vintage matchbook notepads). There will be live music, DIY make-and-take tables, and art installations as well. Find out more on the poster below and on the indiemade website:

This will be my first show in Bethlehem. Or in the state of Pennsylvania for that matter! Here are a few newer pieces I will have up for sale.....