About Me

Hi there. My name is Carol.❤

I am an Art teacher and owner of the tiny, but hugely fun indie business, Buenahelena.❤❤

I live in the Lehigh Valley with my husband Carl and our cat Miso - after the soup. We moved in 2012 from Rochester, NY and Detroit, MI respectively. It's a long, but good story I promise! ❤❤❤

The work I make for Buenahelena is all about retro fun, from mid century cocktail napkins stitched in vinyl to vintage matchbook zines. My undergrad major in Fiber and Material Studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art can be credited for my love of more non traditional materials like matchsticks and spools. This blog is a place to share and reflect on my creative process. The teacher in me loves to share how I do what I do with others. It is also vital for my students to see that I am a working artist/crafter/designer.


❤ (This is important, because I am probably the only Carol under 50 you'll ever meet. I sometimes look at my old fashioned name negatively, but it could have been worse. I was born on George Washington's birthday. I was almost Georgette.)

❤❤ (The name Buenahelena has followed me since 1999 when it was my teenage AIM handle. It was most likely invented while daydreaming in Spanish class. It made sad appearances on Xanga and Myspace in the early 2000's until it landed a gig on Etsy in 2006. I've thought about losing it, but never for long. It's just too fun to say.)

❤❤❤ (Read about Carl and I here HERE.)

If you took the time to read all of this, thank you! Enjoy the blog.

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